Mindfulness Coaching

Mindfulness Made Fearless coaching will help young people navigate clearly through emotional issues, make rational decisions, ask questions, listen with intent and speak with truth. Easier said than done for most of us.
We are all trying to make head or tail of the new world we have found ourselves in. I have discovered that I am spending more time just listening, I mean, really listening.
My favourite definition of mindfulness is from Dr Kristin Neff – ‘Mindfulness is taking a balanced approach to negative emotions, so that feelings are neither suppressed or exaggerated. We cannot ignore our pain and feel compassionate for it at the same time. Mindfulness requires that we not over identify with our thoughts and feelings, so we don’t get caught up and swept away by the negativity either.’
There’s no 1 size fits all definition of mindfulness. To me, it means ‘to be present’. Not to shift away nor towards the problem, but to be able to identify that it takes time and patience to work through.
I’ve learnt this on the job as a musician, always listening and making decisions based on whether something feels right and if they don’t go the way intended, it’s ok.
There is a long waiting list for young people to get support with their mental health right now, therefore I have decided to shift my focus towards teenage life coaching with music as my trusty sidekick.
The sessions are tailored towards the understanding and practise of mindfulness so the next generation can process day-to-day life with minimal stifling mind chatter. ADHD is the fastest growing diagnosis in young people. There’s no doubt that music married with mindfulness is the perfect natural combination for focus and peace. I do hope you will join me and help all our kids towards the right path in life.
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