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Hello, I'm Sabrina

or Brie if you’ve known me longer than 5 mins.
Swashbuckling musician, Educator,
General noise maker and the creative behind Music Made Fearless.

Creativity lives in all of us. Music is the most natural way to express it.

About Made Fearless

Made Fearless is about allowing yourself to be seen.
Daily challenges and decision making is tough, we aim to guide you through those with confidence and authenticity.
This practice of truth-telling extends to celebrating your achievements, owning your mistakes and learning from them, using music and mindfulness.
When people ask about my qualifications, the truth is, it has stemmed from the experience of taking risks, being reliable, honest communication, building trust with my clients and being aware of others’ needs. We all have a voice that needs to be heard, musician or otherwise. Most importantly, we have fun and bags of laughter along the way.

New Generation Music Coach

Who is this for

Would you like to learn and play music that you actually enjoy?
If you are bored of the same old fashioned way of learning, you’re in the right place! At Music Made Fearless, we tailor our lessons to how you enjoy learning and give you the tools to apply your skills as a musician. We are also active on the live music scene so if you’re eager for a chance to be on stage in front of some friendly people, then look no further!

What we do

We create a safe space for you to let loose while creating music, sing as loud as you want, savour the sweet melodies, make mistakes and offload emotions.
Confidence building is our top priority. All our coaches are active musicians. We all sing, play several instruments, write and produce our own music, as well as for others.

What you will achieve

A new found confidence in your instrument and within yourself
Better technique according to how you want your instrument to sound
Opportunities to perform in front of audiences
Alternative accredited music exams – Rockschool & Trinity Rock and Pop

What Client Say's About Me

Julie Mills
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I remember from First lesson where I sat with yourself and Hollie you were a natural... natural talent as a coach, gifted and kind teacher. As a Mum, thank you for everything you have helped Hollie with and giving her so much confidence.
Saskia Basinger
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Sabrina has been working with my daughter, Alana, for the past 3 and a half years now. During that time Alana has made remarkable progress in her singing, songwriting and performance skills and she has also gained significant confidence in her ability as a musician. Thanks to Brie, Alana has had numerous opportunities to perform in front of a live audience which has given her invaluable experience. Brie shows a real rapport with, and belief in her students and she has a deep commitment to helping young musicians develop their potential. We are very grateful for Brie's support and guidance.
Gill Main
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I have had singing lessons with Sabrina Findlay for nearly 10 years. Although I started off singing from my "comfort era" of the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. With her encouragement I have progressed to tackling songs from artists such as The Killers and Sam Ryder. A particular strength of hers is that, when you have difficulty in understanding something, Sabrina has the wonderful ability to paint a mental picture of what she is trying to get across, and it immediately becomes clear. I have no hesitation in recommending Sabrina and her teaching methods and am looking forward to many more years of singing and laughter

Your Coach


Vocals. Piano. Confidence Coaching

My Experience

14 years of vocal coaching experience for amateurs and professionals

Working with adults and children with special needs
Coaching vulnerable teenagers
Mentoring musicians towards building a professional profile

YPWD Berkshire Harmony choir leader – Leading their choir for people with dementia for the last 12 years

Appearance on BBC1’s ‘Our Dementia Choir’ with Vicky McClure
Readipop – Vocal specialist educating and mentoring vulnerable young people

Conduct pensioners choir ‘Moving On’ and Age UK for 8 years

Stage experience:

The Jukebox - Thatcham

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