Sabrina Findlay

Hello! I’m Sabrina, or Brie if you’ve known me longer than 5 mins. Swashbuckling musician, educator, General noise maker and the creative behind Made Fearless.
This adventure all started with Music Made Fearless over a decade ago – ‘a quest to encourage creation, performance and expression of music, Fearlessly’. What a sales pitch!
In reality though I was not loving my ‘got to do this because it pays well’ job. We’ve all been there. Just in the nick of time, the infamous 2008 economic crisis aka birth of PPI hurled everything and everyone into chaos, but it threw me into perspective.

I left my job.
Got a telling off from Mum.
Started a business 2 weeks later.

I was already in bands but gigs were only paying peanuts and pints. I had to expand my area of expertise. Some of my friends were already teaching so I thought, ‘well I like people most of the time and I like singing all of the time… I’ll teach singing! How technical can it be?’
Turns out, the technical side of teaching singing is super important. Next in line is confidence.
Confidence building has been the No1 request and has stayed as No1 on the ‘How To Be A Musician’ charts since… forever. There’s no way one can practise that just in the teaching room. As a young musician, I learnt how to be confident by being on stage, threw myself into the deep end and just swam.The real test is putting it to the people.
Here at Music Made Fearless, we organise shows, open mics, charity fundraisers and participate in community events. A safe space is created for all genres of singers, choirs and instrumentalists to come together and entertain.
Being a musician is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. There is more to music than blowing up on TikTok or being a YouTuber. The goal is never fame, it’s how much fun you have and what you can learn along the way.

Pop Piano
Confidence Coaching
Integrated Music and Mindfulness Coaching

60mins: £55
45mins: £45

Introductory offer Thatcham, Newbury and surrounding areas 3 x 45min sessions for £100

Online coaching available upon request

Sabrina Findlay

Featured vocals on No2 dance charts ‘Freak Like Me’ by Lee Walker.
Bunch of varied styles of music with producers and bands on Spotify and YouTube
Readipop podcast
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