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it’s 2021 and as a 2020 survivor in music, i have so much to share with you about being able to make it in the industry even when the odds are stacked!

my name is Sabrina Findlay and i am a full time musician. people ask me whether i earn enough to survive and my answer is YES! i’m not afraid of hard work and making mistakes so if you wanna dive in with me… be prepared for some twists and turns alongside masses of creativity!

I have always had fingers in many pies which is great but it also means i struggle to finish projects and need deadlines so i don’t get distracted. the tracks i’ve written all fall in different genres and i still don’t really know if i prefer being called Sabrina or Brie professionally. maybe it’s a gemini thing. nevertheless, i’m not so much about identity, more about quality.

alongside my love for music is my love for people. marry the two together and you have a successful career, i promise you! self confessed extrovert (although 2020 might have jilted that and my long lost introvert finally showed up) i can’t help but be around people all the time. my bestie tells me that my superpower is that i’m able to hold a conversation with anyone. i bet a good few of us have that superpower.

so enough about me…

let’s find our who you are and why you are here:

are you a musician who wants to quit their day job and do this music thing full time?
are you someone who has lost motivation over lockdown and just needs a good old slap on the back, a handful of ideas and a smiley face to inspire you?
are a singer and would like some guidance navigating through your vocals?
are you a pianist who wants to learn how to play without sheet music?
have you just got a new laptop, opened your music making programme and are stuck with where to start?
are you part of my friends and family circle and i’ve forced you to be here?
maybe you don’t know who you are yet and was just passing by.
whichever you feel you are i’ll do my best to create pathways for all of us to go down whether it be singing tips, teaching advice or you just want to throw a really hard song at me to cover for fun. I’M FEARLESS! which brings me on nicely to music made fearless which is the place where there is no judgement, comparison and fear of music. if those are the things you feel, then you are in the right place to change that!

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